Thesis passive voice

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If the entire thesis is written in the passive voice, it is much harder to read, and the sentences within it 1 have to be reworded awkwardly so that some good transitions between the sentences within a paragraph are lost. Apr 25,  · The passive voice generally hinders communication.

Actually, having a piece of writing that doesn't conform to the structure and style that you're used to reading hinders communication. The people examining a thesis are supposed to be experts in the field, they'll be reading this kind of scientific writing all the time and will be used to it.

I am starting to write my thesis and was told not to use passive voice. But the active voice pronouns "I" and "we" do not sound right somehow and I even found this link How to Write encouraging active voice yet instructing not to use first person pronouns.

Myth: The passive voice always avoids the first person; if something is in first person (“I” or “we”) it’s also in the active voice. On the contrary, you can very easily use the passive voice in the first person. Revising Passive into Active Voice Content on this page is in progress (full site loaded by 30 Dec.).

If you have a question meanwhile, please make a coaching appointment or email our Resources Lead, Carla Orvis Hunt, at [email protected] Sentences written in the active voice are also less wordy than those in the passive voice – and cutting unnecessary words always improves a piece of writing, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.

Students writing academic essays can sometimes tie themselves in knots trying to make sentences sound “formal” – which often (mistakenly) is.

Thesis passive voice
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