Thesis microfiche

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Thesis In Law

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The collection contains both microfiche and electronic theses and dissertations that are for personal or academic research purposes. Any commercial use, publication, reproduction or lending of this material is strictly prohibited.

Microfiche with Library of Congress Call Numbers These microfiche titles from the Microforms Collection have Library of Congress call numbers but did not appear in a search of the UO Online Catalog. AP R Thesis, Indiana, BF L Lipe, LeOra M. Regrettably, no pre-scanned PDF is available of the thesis for easy download.

Library services may be able to scan/print a copy for you from the microfiche.

Dissertations and Theses: Locating and Obtaining Dissertations and Theses

Title:Peace, legitimacy, and the equilibrium; a study of the statesmanship of Castlereagh and Metternich. Digital Film Solutions is your strategic partner for microfilm scanning services. We provide microfilm scanning, microfiche scanning and aperture card scanning to digital for access on PC, Server, and/or Document Imaging Systems.

Theses or dissertations on microfiche can only be consulted in LAC’s reading room at Wellington Street in Ottawa. To order a thesis or dissertation in advance of your visit, please use the Material Retrieval form (providing title and AMICUS number) at least 5 days before your visit.

microform and or microfiche, and probably print media. Achieving a legible copy of acceptable quality in all of these formats and sizes requires a conservative approach to page size, fonts, font sizes, If the thesis/dissertation contains both figures and plates, arrange them on separate lists.

Thesis microfiche
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