Thesis change background color of header

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How to Edit a Tumblr Background

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If you leave that field exceeding, Thesis will generate a thumbnail for you forgot on the Post Fiction field. Sep 18,  · In this video we will explain how you can change the background color of the header in your WordPress theme.

This video uses the Lifecoach WordPress theme. For instance, you may want to change the font-family of a certain title or change the background-color of another. Just about anything about an element on your page can be changed with styles! Just about anything about an element on your page can be changed with styles!

If you use the Thesis theme, on your homepage you may display the number of comments for a post, like so: So the question is, how to change the colors of each of those elements – the word ‘comments’, the curly brackets and the number of comments. Thesis users are increasing day by day and new thesis users are always trying to customize their thesis theme in best way, so they want to change the default background color of header in thesis.I got few mails asking how to change color of header in thesis, as all of us know thesis is best SEO optimized and most customizable theme framework.

Highlighting text in color using HTML and CSS

The background color is set to a green shade and there is a border all the way around the header which changes colors creating a recessed, shadow effect. The Times font is set with a size of % with a wider than normal letter spacing.

Substituting this code for your color code allows you to change the background highlight color into any color of your choice. With the same code, you could also highlight one word or several words within a paragraph, to draw attention to specific words that are most important.

Thesis change background color of header
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