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Hi Andreas, Ok, I have another question then. Bart has said that I need to reread the Uploaders description in the DPM. I made the guess that he wanted me. This thesis provides a breadth-first tour of artificial intelligence techniques using ordinary data compression programs like zip.

Using mathematical theory such as Kolmogorov Complexity and Shannon's Coding Theory, we arrive at a unique and generic perspective on universal learning with a plethora of real examples.

Dr. Rudi Cilibrasi is available for contract programming work in math, science, optimization, Ruby, C, data compression, and other interesting subjects. Here is Rudi's resume.

Rudi received a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Amsterdam while working at CWI in Holland. Buy Statistical Inference Through Data Compression by Rudi Cilibrasi (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

BACK TO RUDI CILIBRASI'S RESEARCH PAGE; Contents Acknowledgements. The author would like to thank first and foremost Dr. Paul Vitányi for his elaborate feedback and tremendous technical contributions to this work. Next I thank Dr.

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Peter Grünwald for ample feedback. I also thank my colleagues John Tromp and Ronald de Wolf. I thank my friends Dr. Kaihsu Tai and Ms.

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Anna Lissa. Statistical and Information-Theoretic Methods for Data Analysis Teemu Roos To be presented, with the permission of the Faculty of Science of The same goes for Dr. Rudi Cilibrasi. The manuscript of this Thesis was reviewed by Professors Ioan Tabus and Tommi Jaakkola.

I thank them for their time and useful comments.

Rudi cilibrasi thesis
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