Pouyan ghaemi thesis

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We assemble chapter 5 a simplified 1D Kondo endnote, showing that the topology of its important state is unstable to KBB. Curriculum Vitae SENTHIL TODADRI Citizenship: India Department of Physics Birthdate: September 6, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Thesis title: Quantum Phase Transitions in Random Spin Systems.

Higher angular momentum Kondo liquids, Pouyan Ghaemi, T. Senthil, Phys. Rev. B 75, () Amperean. SENTHIL TODADRI Curriculum Vitae Department: Physics Address: 77 Massachusetts Ave., Room 6C Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA Ghaemi, Pouyan, Thesis title: Phases and phase transitions of strongly correlated electron systems Subsequent position: Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley.

Pouyan Ghaemi, Assistant Professor of Physics received the Feliks Gross award from CUNY Academy of Arts and Sciences. Feliks Gross award, which is the highest award for assistant professors at CUNY, was given in recognition of Pouyan's work in the field topological phases of quantum materials.

I proudly dedicate this thesis to her. I cannot imagine that I could have an advisor better than Peter Shor. He was always Ali Farahanchi, Pouyan Ghaemi, Danial Lashkari, Asadollah Kalantarian, Davoud Ebrahimi, Abolhasan Vaezi, Reza Sharifi, Sarah Paydavosi, Leila Farhadi, Ramis Movasagh, Amrit Sinha, Sherif Akl and Kandarp Bhatt.

Abstract. In this thesis we discuss the control of light matter interaction in low dimensional nanostructure cavity light confining structures. These structures have controllable dispersion properties through design which can be exploited to modify the interaction of light and matter.

Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Physics, Includes bibliographical references (leaves ). by Pouyan Ghaemi Mohammadi.

Pouyan ghaemi thesis
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Strongly correlated surface states